Solutions that open new revenue stream for Telcos


SMS Platform

SMS Gateway is a software platform which is used to send SMS to mobile numbers. These SMS messages can be of any type like marketing, promotional, notifications or alert messages. Nowadays, SMS gateway can also be used to schedule SMS or send instant messages or send responses based on keywords.

One can use SMS Gateway to not only promote their products, it can also be used to educate consumers about a new products.

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Beep Call

In telecoms, more than 40% of calls are dropped, because the low balance of caller, subscriber is unavailable, unreachable, busy or the phone is switched off. This leads to huge revenue loss and customer dissatisfaction for the network.

Beep Call is a powerful Call Completion Solution, which allows subscribers with zero balance to notify called subscribers about their call attempts. As a result, Called Party (Subscriber B) will see a missed call from the Calling Party (Subscriber A) on his phone.

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Data Rewards (Wifi Marketing Solution)

Most mobile network operators generate revenues by directly charging users for data plan subscriptions. Some operators now also offer users data rewards to incentivize them to watch mobile ads, which enables the operators to collect payments from advertisers and create new revenue streams.

With Data Rewards cutting-edge technology, you set the floor price and advertisers bid on your inventory. Turn your Mobile Data in a virtual ATM.

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