About SMS Gateway

About SMS Gateway

With our SMS Gateway solution, we empower businesses to connect, engage, and communicate with their audiences seamlessly. Whether you're looking to enhance customer engagement, streamline internal communications, or deliver timely notifications, our SMS Gateway offers a reliable and efficient solution to meet your messaging needs.

With our SMS Gateway, you can unlock the potential of SMS communication to drive business growth and enhance customer experiences. Our solution caters to businesses of all sizes and industries, providing a user-friendly interface, reliable performance, and exceptional support from our dedicated team.

Key Features


Highly modular and scalable architecture ensures that high load can be efficiently catered and can be used for multiple SMS pipes

Compliance and Security

Our SMS Gateway platform is designed with robust security measures to safeguard your data and communications.


TS solution is fully customized and can be adjusted as per local market and client requirements like Dashboards data, reports, MIS, multiple data download formats.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for SMS Gateway

Q. What is SMS Gateway?

Ans. ThinkStraight SMS Gateway is custom developed software which is used to send SMS to the mobile numbers. SMS gateway connects with SMSC via SMPP protocol. SMS gateway is the most successful platform for marketing & promotional campaigns, notifications and sending alert messages.

Q. How does an SMS Gateway work?

Ans. SMS gateway is a web software solution which works and connects with SMSC via SMPP protocol. After login on SMS Gateway customer panel where customers type SMS text and list of mobile numbers who will receive the SMS. SMS Gateway platform also provide a Web API for developers or 3rd parties so that they can integrate applications with SMS gateway to send SMS to the target mobile numbers.

Q. What are the benefits of using an SMS Gateway?

Ans. Main benefit of ThinkStraight SMS Gateway is that it is most common and effective tool for marketing campaign. Customers can send SMS using web interface or standard API’s without knowing telecom network protocols. Customers can send SMS in local language (Unicode). Customers can also send long SMS (more than 160 Characters). Customers can schedule the SMS based of Date time, Mobile number limit or multiple campaigns.

Q. What are the features of an SMS Gateway?

Ans. ThinkStraight SMS Gateway have certain standard features which are like support for long SMS, support for Unicode (Local languages), SMS scheduling, Instant SMS, Keyword Routing, Customized CLI/Sender ID, performance (success, fail) reports with response code from SMSC/Handset, Customer Management. Apart from these standard features these days SMS Gateway companies also offer more advanced features as per changing market dynamics and demand.

Q. What is the difference between SMS Gateway and SMSC?

Ans. SMS Gateway and SMSC both are used to send SMS to mobile numbers but there is huge difference between SMS Gateway and SMSC. The full form of SMSC is Short Message Service Center. SMSC is a telecom network node which is normally places inside the mobile operator data center or a secure private network. SMS Gateway can be a part of SMSC. SMSC also provide connectivity with 3rd parties or application developers but SMSC connectivity is via SMPP protocol only which is bit complex as compared to standard HTTP/Web Interface integration. SMS Gateway is an Interface which provide connectivity between SMSC and Application developers or marketing companies. SMSC can never be part of SMS Gateway.

Q. How much is the cost of SMS Gateway?

Ans. The cost of SMS Gateway depends upon the number of features someone need in it like standard dashboard or customized dashboard (as per client requirements), standard features or customized features. These days SMS gateway also cater other channels of communication like Email, Voice, social media, Targeting, profiling, grouping etc. So, it is totally up to customer what is his main goal for procurement of SMS Gateway. For more information or exact costing of SMS Gateway, you can write to info@think-straight.com and our team will revert asap with answer.

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